Around Barbados

Around Barbados

Barbados is a small island with tons of activities and things to do,  packed into a small area.  One of the big advantages of Barbados is that anywhere that you want to go or anything that you want to do on the island is close, nothing is more that ¾ of an hour’s drive away and most things are within 15 to 20 minutes drive or closer.  You can decide on a few very different things to do that are all close or just drive a bit and find something.

There are beach activities, stores, food, beautiful gardens, old churches, open houses, sports activities and so much more.  You can choose to do a few of them each day.

As you look through my pictures, you will see a few ideas of the things that I enjoy about Barbados and I hope that you can see the beauty of the island and get ideas of wonderful things to do.

I cannot possibly get to everything on this site, it’s just a starting point.

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